How did Paderewski’s playing sound?

Paderewski’s own playing is also documented. In addition to the interpretive instructions on pianola rolls, Paderewski also made recordings for the reproducing piano that capture his own interpretations. One example from the collection of the Deutsches Museum can be heard on a reproducing grand piano made by Welte. In addition, director Lothar Mendes produced the film “Moonlight Sonata” about the celebrated musician in 1937 (some excerpts are available here).

But only when following Paderewski’s Metrostyle lines on the pianola, you can hear him as well as literally feel his playing in your own fingers and recreate it yourself. 

Citation: Stephanie Probst, ‘Playing like Paderewski, Chaminade and Co: Music education with the pianola and music rolls’, in: Materiality of Musical Instruments. A Virtual Exhibition.

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